Days 5 and 6, Feeling Fine

Well I “might” be crabby but I’m not sure. People may just be a bit trying today. I’ve had a few symptoms of diet change, runny noise, one small headache yesterday that went away quick, and the back ache that I had before, are the main ones, also feeling tired, but is that from just feeling tired or a new diet? Who knows. Same with feeling bloated, that can just be life too. I have cleaned the entire house today and have the energy to cook (recipe below) and mow the yard.
I’ve had horrid detox in the past doing both strict paleo, like the Whole 30 version or AIP, which is the Autoimmune version. Why is it not horrid this time? I have theories and they are just that, theories.

  1. I’m healthier, being diagnosed and on the needed treatment for two-three years helps I’m sure- My body is working better all the way around and that helps.
  2. I’ve been eating better the last four-five years so maybe there is just less bad food, habits to overcome.
  3. Doing the Wahl’s protocol, with all the sulphur veggies in particular, that help support the liver, and all the veggies (at least six cups a day) in general, I’m sure help my body work better.

If you have anything to add on why this time doing AIP has resulted in less feeling bad then past attempts, let me know.
In the past I’ve been bed ridden and depressed at this point in the plan, with headache so bad I can’t move.

More about the Evolve Paleo Kitchen AIP Challenge

I’m doing food pick up in Lowell, AR that’s about a 2.5-hour drive from where I live in Central Arkansas. Evolve Paleo Chef Headquarters is in Kansas, they have seven stores and the Lowell one is the closest to me. The regular paleo food they sell is good, I find myself craving the sausage plate, it has a variety of meats and pineapple.
They do deliver, but not 2.5 hours. They don’t mail the food so it’s do without or drive.
I have been eating mostly paleo for years, (ok 80-20 which some people say isn’t even paleo) so it’s not that much of a change. It does cut out the chocolate and wine that slips into my diet. Last year, I did five or six Whole 30 paleo challenges
Whole 30 is the super strict kind. So doing the AIP isn’t  that different. The AIP also excludes nightshades (tomatoes, peppers potatoes, etc. ), nuts and eggs. Which is a lot of the things I love.
I plan to do 3-6 months total of AIP and then reintroduce some things, (coffee, black pepper – which some people say black pepper isn’t a night shade) — The Wahls version of AIP stresses 6-9 cups of veggies, 3 sulfur, 3 green leafy, and 3 colorful (fruits and veg) (or two two two if you are a smaller woman or more if you are hungry or a man or a taller woman.
I totally feel better from just that. And it would probably make a big difference in everyone’s life if they went to eating that many veg, regardless of what else they eat.
More about nightshades:
list of nightshades –

So What Am I Eating?

The Challenge allows for pick up on Sunday’s and Wednesdays. Because I drive so far, they let me pick up a weeks worth of food on Sunday, so I had some overlap in the menu. Thankfully it is mostly good. — This week I have a friend helping with pick up on Wednesday so i’ll have more variety.

Breakfasts: “granola” and berries, Smoked Salmon with dill butter and lemony greens, chicken sausage and asparagus with ginger sage butter. Fruit and coconut yogurt.

Lunches: Roasted Mushroom, artichoke and arugula salad, spinach and strawberry salad, arugula, sweet potato and chicken salad, (all came with amazing home made dressings, one of my favorite parts of Evolve Paleo)

Dinners: Braised Chicken Thighs with gravy and spinach, beef gyro meatballs, mint pesto and roasted radishes, Lemongrass Braised Beef and Cauliflower Rice. Salmon and Asparagus.

Snacks: Bone broth, beet, turmeric lemon, beet orange thyme, and other flavors.

other snacks: kombucha, coconut milk avocado smoothie( really good) turmeric cinnamon ginger tea (strong)

All recipes are AIP approved, the “butter” is ghee, etc. I never thought to take bone broth to work and have it for an am snack. It’s amazing.

I  didn’t care for the coconut yogurt, the coconut milk it was made from is strong. and the chicken meatballs are bland.  I loved the thighs, spinach, meatballs, and smoothie. (such a treat to have smoothies and yogurt)

Not having to cook/? priceless.

Recipe: Nom Nom Paleo Pressure Cooker Braised Kale and Carrots

I know, I know, I don’t have to cook, but I like it. Earlier this week I cooked deer tenderloin in the Instant Pot, because it needed to be cooked. Today, I made this: from Michelle Tam at Nom Nom Paleo. She makes my favorite recipe ever, Kailua Pork. And this isn’t half bad.
I used colorful organic baby carrots, added some bok choy that also needed to be eaten, left out the black pepper and red pepper, and used some of the bone broth I had in the fridge from the last batch I made. I added the balsamic vinegar before I packaged it up – mine for the freezer, mom and dad’s for a gift of love.
I froze the rest of the bone broth and the lovely fat that was with it. I’ll be cooking with that fat.


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