Days 7-11 Pain Free! And Running Plans

I woke up on Tuesday, Day 9, pain free! I waited for my back to start hurting, my hands, or something, but the day went on and NO pain!

Other things that have changed?

I’m down 10 pounds

My skin is clearer

Mental Clarity- able to do more in less time, and working on three businesses! energy!

Sleeping all night and waking about 10 minute before the alarm.

Saturday I mowed the yard and cleaned house (it has to be for sale ready all the time)

Sunday I drove to Lowell to pick up food, then when on a mountain hike in Devils Den State Park (pictures to come)

Monday after work I drove an hour and half to a yoga class I’ve been dying to try. Tuesday pain free!

Tuesday Swimming,

Wednesday drove two hours to pick up food (met some one) walked for 45 min, drove back 1.5 hours and still had energy!

Thursday swimming twice including playing a game of catch with my 3 year old nephew. He was the ball and kept jumping into the pool for me to catch.

This may seem like a busy schedule after working 8 hours, or it may not. In the past this was my normal. Being sick, this would have resulted in a sick day were I laid in bed and stared at the wall. So being able to do “normal”, having the want to and the achievement of the want to, is all part of this healing.

Detox has been so much easier this time.

I have had some detox, On Days 7-10, I had a zit the size of Texas that you could see on google earth, also I had  the big d for days and I have to watch that with AI.  I was crabby Wednesday, in fact Wednesday I was sick of salads, which is lunch frequently, sick of low carb, which just happened but isn’t a requirement. I picked up my food and thought I would swap Saturday’s lunch for Thursday’s and cook it. I had decided the raw food was causing the big d. (It was probably getting rid of stuff I didn’t need)

When I got home Wednesday, I cooked a sweet potato (mind you the food is plentiful, just not a lot of carbs) The sweet potato helped, and Thursday the raw salad looked great and it WAS. It was tuna, olive, artichoke spinach. Oh so good!

And last night I got far enough in the book to read that Whal’s protocol suggests a light lunch, liquids during the day and the big meals at breakfast and dinner. — since I’ve had a lighter detox from anytime I’ve done paleo or AIP, it must work, that and the Sulphur/green/color nine cups of veg.

What else have I been eating?

Coconut yogurt with blueberries, smoked salmon with asparagus and dill, Asian beef zoodle sauté, Chinese chicken stir-fry, and today its steak, greens and mushrooms.

lunch: spinach salad with tuna as above, the read deal not canned!, arugula salad, arugula beet salad, kale, fennel and grapefruit salad, spinach and blackberry salad — yes these giant mostly green salads are filling and make me feel good and will probably be a recurring theme when I start my own cooking again.

dinner: Mahi, creamed spinach and zucchini, bison burger with roasted shaved sprouts, rosemary lemon chicken, fennel, and asparagus, orange zest Mahi and cauliflower rice, lemon grass shrimp and bok choy,

Snacks- all sorts of lovely bone broths, smoothies (coconut milk, fruit, herbs), herb teas. I love the bone broths for a pick me up and think this is one reason this is so successful.


Last summer I did a running clinic in Little Rock and it was awesome. Since I don’t work in Little Rock, I was looking for the same thing where I am now. I found a group, but not the days I need. So starting next Thursday, i’ll be heading up (not leading) a slow run/walk group on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6 am. I can’t wait. We have had a lot of interest for runners and walkers so lets do it!

Coming soon!

Paleo dog, or yes I dropped that bone on the floor

Yoga, Selfies, and Me

Photos that I took over the weekend and of course photos of my food.



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